Lonely Housewife Hires Male Escort

As they always say, marriage is not a bed of roses. I say this because in marriage, each partner is obliged to perform his or her duties for the marriage to work. In other words, each partner has his or her own roles which must be met. Whereas men are obliged to taking care of their wives, women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands. However, one of the most crucial thing in marriage and rarely talked about is sex. Besides procreation, sex is paramount as it strengthens the marriage. There was once a rich businessman who was always concerned about his businesses and how to become rich and neglected his wife. The wife felt lonely for a long time until she learned about London Escorts. She hired a young male escort to pass time, and below is their experience.

When Jane learned about London escort, she was excited that her hunger for sex would finally be over. She looked for a young man according to her preferences, because she wanted to feel young again. She called him and decided to meet in one of the most expensive hotels in London. The young man arrived right on time. He didn’t have an idea that he was meeting a mid-aged woman until he saw her. However, he was excited to try something else with an older woman.

As usual, London male escorts are highly trained and learn your needs as soon as they see you. He learned that the woman was hungry for sex and wanted to make her feel alive again. He took her on a romantic journey full of sexy stories until he realized that she was psychologically prepared for sex. He moved closer to her, and when they looked into each other’s eyes, the chemistry of love manifested itself and his lips locked into hers.

He concentrated on foreplay at first. He unbuttoned her blouse and was pleased to see her huge boobs. Since it was his very first time, he admired her large boobs and more especially her large nipples. He kissed them as he massaged the fatty part of the boobs. He kissed her belly, and when he realized that Jane screamed in pleasure, he kissed it even more as he passed his tongue over it. At the same time, one of his hands slid over her pants and alas!! She was wet already. He removed her pants, and when she expected him to penetrate her, he didn’t.

Instead, he started massaging her fat shaved pussy, and within no time, he started licking it. He concentrated on her clitoris and sucked it the same way a child sucks an ice-cream. At this time, one of his hands was massaging her anus. All this time, Jane was groaning aimlessly, and she held his large erected cock. While still on top, he lied on her and the head of his penis found its way to the wet vagina. She sighed. She held his buttocks and enjoyed the movement as she enjoyed the penetration. They exchanged various positions, and the best part is that Jane moved her legs on the position in which she would get maximum penetration. After some minutes, she held his shoulders and screamed loudly, and he knew it was time; he released himself for a maximum climax. He was excited to have tried something else and most importantly, having a new sex experience with a mid-aged woman.

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